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Illuminating the Journey to Healing


One of the greatest ways you can impact someone’s healing journey is to make it easier for them to receive the services and programs offered by HCF. Your support by making a donation will have lifelong benefits for our Thrivers.

Our vision is for all breast cancer patients in the entire nation to understand the essence of healing is within the individual. We want to champion establishing a shared collective approach to healing and improving the quality of life for those at high risk or diagnosed with breast cancer. Programs and services provided to breast cancer patients and their families that include access to integrative healing services will become the norm not the exception.

Breast Cancer is diagnosed in many stages. Our goal is to empower Survivors to become ‘Thrivers’ one at a time. The HCF embraces the ‘whole person’ — body, mind and spirit — in their quest for optimal health, wellness and peace in their heart. Bringing “health” back into “Healthcare”. The HCF programs focus on risk reduction — for both primary and recurrent breast cancer.

By teaching the world that adopting a healthy lifestyle benefits those effected by cancer and prevents the disease process that leads to the formation of breast cancer.