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Dr. Beth DuPree is the author of “The Healing Consciousness: A Doctor’s Journey to Healing.” She is the Founder of the HCF and has performed surgery on thousands of patients.

What inspired Dr. DuPree to write the book? Read the story in her own words

I have been asked, “Why am I writing a book?” and “When do I find the time?” Great questions! I started the book during a trip to the Greek Islands. I awoke from my sleep and took my travel journal into the tiny bathroom at two in the morning in our cabin on the Wind Spirit cruise ship. My husband and I were on a cruise of the Greek Islands with Brian Weiss and James Van Praagh.

We were on “The Voyage of Enlightenment.” That evening, a week before September 11, 2001, we had rescued two Afghani refuges from the Aegean Sea who would have died on their deflated raft had it not been for the chance meeting with our ship, which was sailing to Rhodes, Greece. When I was awakened at two in the morning, I began to write in my journal about the shift in thinking that needed to occur in our society. We need to look at health care differently than we currently do. We need to regain focus on “healing” and shift away from “curing” as our ultimate goal. And so was born The Healing Consciousness.